Ever dreamed about dating a rock star, or a hot guy in a famous band?



Becky Williams fell in love at sixteen. Unfortunately, it didn't last. And now her ex, Jonas Carter, is the lead singer in Fallen Rose, a groundbreaking new band that’s storming the music scene.But what happens when Becky and her best friend attend one of the band’s concerts? Will she reunite with her first love? And more importantly, can she battle through all the lustful fan girls? 

Will their love set the stage on fire? Or will it smash like a rock star’s guitar?

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON NOW! MY ROCK STAR EX A young adult, romance book

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Messed Up Plans Blurb:

Peyton Mathews had her whole life planned out: College and a career before starting a family. But as life usually went, things didn't go according to plan.
One fateful day, she meets Ethan Taylor. The guy who changed everything. Add an unexpected pregnancy and a young marriage to the mix and her plans were but a distant memory. Love is worth it... isn't it?

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Sam, a shy teenager, is working at the mall for the summer. Like most teen girls, she’s got it pretty bad for the hottest guy around, who just so happens to work at the mall.
Despite Sam’s lack of courage to ask her crush out on a date, everything seems to be going smoothly. That is until she hears the news that a young girl has gone missing.
Working at the mall was supposed to easy but when it turns out that there is a killer on the loose, and people keep dying–everything Samantha thought she knew, turns upside down. It seems Sam may be closer to the killer than she thinks...

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Shooting Star Blurb:

Ethan Defoe had it all. He had a high-flying city job, designer suits, a Porsche, and a stunning, modelesque fiancée with legs that never stopped.

But one day, everything changed. After a fatal car accident, he finds himself dead… well, half dead, but not as gross as a zombie. A creepy teenager, who is no angel, offers him a second chance… but not with his old life. A second chance to make up for a mistake he made long ago.

Despite his protests and his insistence that his current life is perfect, he wakes up beside Isabella Hart. The girl he dumped ten years ago. 

And if things couldn’t get worse for Ethan, he’s married with two kids, lives in the suburbs, works in a small bookstore and his Porsche is now a minivan.

But there’s a bigger problem. Ethan is no longer the same guy who had been in love with Isabella during his college years. His corporate, fast-paced life of fast cars, and fast women has changed him tremendously. He’s turned into an arrogant, obnoxious chump. 

His memory of himself with her is nothing but a ghost. A ghost that now haunts his mind and makes him wonder if some things are better off left in the past? Or, will Ethan realise he made the biggest mistake of his life when he left Isabella stranded, before it’s too late?

BUY Shooting Star A young adult, modern fantasy, romance novel


Alice in Glass Slippers Blurb:

One year ago, Alice Riverton used to believe in happily-ever-afters, but when she witnesses her mother murdered in a mysterious shooting, she is left to pick up the pieces of a shattered life. 

Alice has always had the gift to know what the perfect pair of shoes is for any woman, dress and occasion. However, she is miserable working in a shoe shop for her boss Mimi Walker, an evil mother of two daughters, who treats Alice like Cinderella. Well, before the fairy godmother and ball shindig.

It seems perhaps that, despite what life may throw at Alice, her Prince Charming will always be there for her. When Adam Wentworth, the son of a multimillionaire, steps into the shoe shop one fateful day, not only does it change Alice's life forever, but also it triggers a series of events that unwittingly unlocks the dark mystery from her past. Who killed her mother? 

The Glass Slippers are the most beautiful footwear Alice has ever seen. Little does Alice know that they hold all the answers she needs to restore faith in her dreams.

A fairytale in the modern world. Light-hearted, witty, mystery and suspense. A feel-good romance novel. It will have you laughing out loud, and leave you with a long-lasting smile.

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The Ex's Confession Blurb:

Upon hearing her once rich father has gone into financial ruin, Rebecca Done returns home from college, only to discover the ex is back in town. And despite the fact that it has been ten years since they last saw each other, he still has a vendetta to settle.

He confesses everything about his feelings and their relationship in his regular newspaper column for the entire world to read, much to the annoyance and embarrassment of Rebecca. 

Can life get any worse? For Rebecca, they can. Her matchmaking aunt keeps sending her on blind dates with the trickiest of men, and it seems that there is something fishy about her father's recent financial loss. And when a mysterious but stunning man comes into her life, it complicates matters even further for Rebecca. Is this charming man trustworthy or does he have ulterior motives?

Rebecca's life has never been easy. But has she changed during her years at college from being a naive, impressionable young girl into a strong, independent woman? And will it be enough to handle: an angry ex, a sinister plot, an interfering aunt, an attempted murder, and a challenging love life at the same time?

Light-hearted, comedy, mystery and suspense. A feel-good romance novel. Full of witty, romance that will have you laughing out loud, and leave you with a long-lasting smile.



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