Girls vs Boys - Top Ten Reasons Why Girls Win Over Boys

Girls ROCK x

BOYS sweat :P

Top Ten Reasons Why Girls Rock More than Boys

#1. Girls are more pretty than boys.
#2.Girls can multi-task.
#3. Makeup looks way better on girls than metro sexual boys, goths and emo.
#4. Girls look more hot on the beach.
#5. Girls have pretty clothes.
#6. Girls NEVER snore - it's just a myth and a lie that boys tell their girlfriends.
#7. Girls don't sweat; we shine and glow.
#8. Girls only snort when it's appropriate.
#9. Girls are from Earth and Boys are from 'we never put the toilet seat down' planet.
#10. Girls don't run around with just pants on; girls have class.

Well, that's my top ten reasons why girls are better than boys. Can you think of any more to add? Comment! Boys are welcome too. Come on, I'll help you out seeing as I'm a girl and we help boys :P

Boys List:

#1. Boys can change a tire :P haha



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